Silvergrail is a prosperous though remote town nestled between the Dire Wood and the foothills of the Giantwalk. The town supports the clans of dwarves who mine the neighboring mountains for minerals and arcane reagents which are sold to Horizon and points beyond.

A few of Silvergrail’s original human settlers still live in the town, along with their descendants, most of whom are farmers. Dwarves from the secluded clan holds in the surrounding hills account for one-quarter of the population and many of them are artisans and traders.

  • Population: 1,200 (50% humans, 25% dwarves, 10% half-elves, 10% halflings, 5% other races).

  • Temples: Bright House is the only full-fledged temple in Silvergrail. It sits in the center of town and is dedicated equally to Pelor (god of the sun) and Erathis (god of civilization). Most locals are devout followers of one or both of these deities, and the words of the temple’s priest, Zelgar Lightborn, carry tremendous weight with the local sheriff.

    Elsewhere in town stands a modest shrine to Moradin (god of creation and the forge). Beneath a carved stone dome rests a white marble altar shaped like an anvil. Many of the town’s resident dwarves make prayers and leave offerings here.

  • Government: The sheriff of Silvergrail is a seasoned dwarf named Zirka Havenstone. She has held the post since the town’s founding some fifty years ago and maintains a garrison of about twenty guards. Zirka technically answers to the Dragon Emperor, though orders more frequently come from the offices of the Archmage, given Silvergrail’s value to the city of Horizon. Although she knows better than to interfere in spiritual matters, she has great sympathy for Zelgar’s current predicament. However, given a chance, she would kill the cleric’s werewolf brother to protect the town. The symbol of her office is a battered silver grail that rests atop a pedestal in the upper floor of the local barracks.

  • The Silver Grail: The silver grail in Zirka’s care was given to the town’s original settlers by their friendly neighbors, the Havenstone clan of dwarves. The town is named after the chalice, which has a Dwarven phrase etched into its rim: “Prosperity borne out of friendship.” The chalice is exquisitely crafted but nonmagical.


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