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The Brothers Lightborn

While returning Glazentorg the Bloody to The Archmage in the city of Horizon, the PCs learned of the plight of a nearby town called Silvergrail. According to a dismissive bureaucrat working in the Archmage’s palace, the townsfolk had been having trouble with “monsters” attack both the town, and trade caravans traveling to and from Horizon. The players agreed to travel to Silvergrail on behalf of The Archmage and investigate.

Upon arriving in town, the party was introduced to Silvergrail’s sherrif, zZirka Havenstone. She told the adventurers the following story about the priest of the town’s only full-fledged temple, Zelgar Lightborn, and his brother Ulmar:

Three years ago, Ulmar left town with a party of dwarves and humans to seek out a lost relic rumored to be located in the Dire Wood. Unfortunately, the would-be adventurers quickly became the prey of a cunning werewolf. The werewolf grievously wounded Ulmar and killed all his companions before dying on Ulmar’s sword. Infected with lycanthropy, Ulmar spread the curse to others and soon became the leader of his own pack.

About a month ago, Ulmar, driven by his love for his brother, returned home to Silvergrail and boldly confronted Zelgar during a packed sermon in Silvergrail’s temple. Ulmar urged his brother to abandon the gods and “embrace the moon,” and when Zelgar refused, Ulmar flew into a rage and presented him with a dire ultimatum before the horrified congregation. He would terrorize Silvergrail and the countryside until Zelgar capitulated to his demands.

The locals were quick to rally around their priest, but Ulmar fled before they could bring arms against him. Soon thereafter, determined to turn his brother into a werewolf and bring him into the pack, Ulmar began attacking outlying farms to pressure Zelgar to come out of hiding and confront him. Now the people of Silvergrail fear that any night, Ulmar and his wolves will slip into town to continue their evil work.

The adventurers were soon introduced to Zelgar, who was being confined to his temple for his own protection by Sheriff Havenstone. Zelgar told the PCs that he wished to find his brother and attempt to cure him with a remove affliction ritual, and was even willing to use himself as bait. He also said that he believed his brother had spies in town, and hoped that the party would be willing to help find them.

Serving on a patrol that very evening, the party encountered Zelgar in the streets near the temple. Zelgar had had a dream in which the PCs were brutally eviscerated by Ulmar and his back, and left his sanctuary to check on them. As Zelgar finished speaking, a haggard woman stumbled out of a nearby alley, clutching her chest. Her face and hands were streaked with blood. She crumpled to the ground and writhed in agony, calling out, “Zelgar! Zelgar, help me, I’ve been attacked!”

Zelgar recognized the woman, and was attempting to help her when she attack him. Soon, several more attackers appeared. The party defended Zelgar with the help of several brave deputies.


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